One-Sentence Web Design Answers

Have you ever wanted a quick answer to your website design questions? You
go to Google or some other search
engine, type in your query, and you get presented with a list of forum
discussions, in-depth articles that may or may not address what you’re
looking after.

Doesn’t that frustrate you?

Me, too.

One Sentence Web Design Answers

I’ll be making a FAQ page filled with 1 sentence answers for the most
common questions that I have been asked.

The floor’s open. Post your question to the comments below or Contact Us.
Whenever I answer a question I’ll put it on the FAQ and contact you back so
you know it’s there.

Some questions will require longer discussions, examples, videos, diagrams,
or step-by-step instructions. That’s cool. I’ll make a bigger post
for anything more complex that people have an interest in. Again, just let
me know. I’m here’s to help!

Let the commenting begin!

(See attached file: one sentence web design answers.png)

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