How I Built A Killer Website

How I Built A Killer Website

One of the most common questions that I get is ‘What should I put on my site?’ The short answer is ‘Anything that will help your audience with their questions.’

The longer answer is to help your audience with their needs in a way that leads them to buy from you, become your client, refer you to their friends, and keep them coming back for more. That’s what I’ve done with over 300 articles and counting now. I rank well in search engines for a wide variety of keywords and phrases. This helps my website design business tremendously.

Answers: Great Website Building Opportunity

Each time a prospect or existing client asks you a question you get a chance to educate them. Chances are that you answer hundreds if not thousands of questions every week. And the chances are pretty good that you are answering the same ones again and again and again.

Some questions come to you over the phone, some are over email. All of them are useful in building your site. After all, everyone coming to your site is going there to find information. Why not give it to them? A website is like a 24 hour-a-day salesman on your behalf. Give that salesman the firepower necessary to make the sale. Answer your common questions on your website.

Pretty soon your customers will become self-provisioning. They’ll be able to find their answers on your site. You’ll now enjoy the position of an expert. They’ll be ready to buy from you. Your competitor down the street without this knowledge base is out of luck. You win the sale.

How I Answer Questions on My Website

Blog Articles

My first option is to write a blog post answering a question like the one you’re reading. This allows me to take the time to fully explore an issue under a discreet topic. I use WordPress and I’ve configured an option to allow me to post by sending my website an email – pretty convenient, eh ;)? Once the articles are written, people can comment follow up questions which spawn further posts! A commenter very often become customers as well. It’s a great cycle!

The good thing about this approach is that each blog article is syndicated across the web where other people who are looking for those same answers are linked back to me.


I have written before on the effectiveness of a FAQ page on your site and stand by it. This is an especially useful resource if your questions often come in the one-sentence variety.

Hmmm… What 1 sentence answers would you like to see on mine?

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