New Header Image Needed!

Here’s a chance for all the graphic artists out there to show their stuff!

I am looking for someone to design a new header and logo for my Charlotte Web Development site.

Design Elements

The Header is that entire 900 px (est) top bar on the site. The header (in my mind) has a few design areas.

  1. The left side where the logo should go. New design. This would replace where I currently have the words ‘Charlotte Web’
  2. The background of the header image. The logo sits atop here. The current background is that black / gray-lined area. Too 90s! It’s gotta go!
  3. The right side is my css float for RSS / newsletter sign up. I need to keep that, though I am up for suggestions. For now, let’s just say that the background image should be able to handle that element floated on top of it.

Over-All Specs:

  1. New logo on the left, keep my css floating sign up on the right. Image should be behind the sign up / rss area.
  2. Color choice, # of colors, tone, shading, grading, etc is up to you. I’ll adapt the rest of the site’s color scheme to the best logo.
  3. Logo / header should evoke the staples of Charlotte, NC AND Web design. This is difficult, I know. Charlotte is known for the skyline, the huge lakes (Lake Wylie, Lake Norman), Nascar, etc.
  4. Preference for the company name Charlotte Web Development to be legible in the logo. Long, cumbersome name, I know.
  5. There are 2 deliverables; 1) The new header with everything on it. 2) The logo itself for use on everything from letter heads to thumbnails, social media sites, etc.
  6. Image size in terms of memory is a consideration here. I need the memory footprint of the image to be a small as possible for faster site loads. PNG? Gif? whatever makes it small and keeps the resolution that you like.
  7. Please find some small way to put my phone number and email address on the header image. I currently have this in orange on the lower right hand side. It looks terrible.


I am not dictating design here. I have no idea how to combine all of the elements that are out there but I get the feeling that they probably should not all be out there. One avenue I had thought of was a silhouette of the skyline in the center with a blue lake at the base with a car zipping around. How you can put my company name in there AND some sort of computing / internet icon is beyond me. Feel free to go with that or your own way entirely. You can probably come up with something much cooler than I can.

Things I Like.

When I design websites I always ask clients for example sites of what they like. Again, these are not to dictate design, just trying to provide as much up-front information as I can.

How I Will Choose a Design.

My preferences will count for 50% of the winning design. The other 50% will be based off of what my network thinks of it. After narrowing down the top few designs, I will promote you (include your contact details), your company, and your concept to my network (Chamber of Commerce, my mailing lists, my website subscribers, friends, relatives, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn associates. The local newspaper, too, if they’ll let me.) The idea will be to get the top few images in front of as many people as possible to get feedback AND exposure.


I am open. Submit a bid. This is not one of those cheesy ‘do this for me and maybe I’ll get you some more work’ sort of deals. Along the way, you will get exposure. You may consider that part of your compensation. You might not. I believe in paying people for their work. Hey! I like to get paid, too! However, if you like this kind of work, please remember that I have clients that will need custom logos / headers, too. If you have availability for bulk pricing deals so I can subcontract this work to you, please let me know.

How to Submit a Design.

You can comment on this post, contact me via email, my contact us page, social media, phone, etc. Just get an image to me somehow. Watermarks to protect your work are perfectly acceptable!

Other Information

The call for this logo went out to my network first thing on a Monday morning. I updated my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook statuses. I wrote this post. I posted a question on LinkedIn answers. If you are interested in getting this kind of information first, please subscribe to my free RSS feed or newsletter, visit my blog, connect with me on those social media networks or anything else.

I’ll keep this contest running until I get what I am looking for. Of course, I don’t know what I am looking for so the quicker designers can get me a concept, the quicker I will likely think ‘ooh! That’s the one.’

Thanks for your help! Feedback is very much appreciated!

Update 11/12/2009:
Terms include that photos and images used must be original content or from a legal stock distributer like iStockPhotos or stock exchange. I have a number of purchased Charlotte skyline photos that can be used if you don’t have access. Also, a viable alternative is to create a logo without photos and then craft a simple, photo-less header around it.

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Marko Saric November 11, 2009 at 5:17 pm

Thanks for mentioning my blog Ted. As you like my header image, and as you are looking for a header image for your site, I just wanted to recommend My header image was done by Daniel there, and he might be someone to check out for your header image as well. Good luck!


CWD November 11, 2009 at 8:06 pm

Absolutely, Marko. I was glad to. Thanks for posting such great information there.

If any of this audience is interested in building a WordPress Thesis Theme install from scratch, check out Marko’ aptly titled site ‘’ He’s got a ton of great info there… and a really sweet header image!


mithrill November 30, 2009 at 11:48 am


My friends call me Mithrill, I`m a freelancer from romania[europe]. Here it is my submission for your contest.

It`s 100% vector [that means you can resize it without losing any quality]. All elements of the logo are unique and created by me. I can make also b/w vewrsion and 3 color version if you need it:).

Feedback is very appreciated. I’ll wait for an email form you. thx.

Cheers, Mithrill


CWD November 30, 2009 at 1:08 pm

Thanks, Mithrill!

Great design!


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