Why Social Media is Not a Waste

Why Social Media is Not a Waste

A friend of mine runs a really niche blog. He’s an electrical engineer and he uses his blog to discuss all of these random projects that he has going on. One of them recently caught on. Here’s the note that he sent to me.

I thought you might be interested in some numbers of the reaction I got to the post on www.hackaday.com. I got two orders of magnitude more traffic! I typically get 10-20 page views a day. Sunday I got 1200 visitors followed by 380 visitors so far on Monday.
I have a killer project to post in a few days. I’m thinking Wednesday, I’ll be ready. I’m hoping to get on Digg.

The photo above is a screen shot of the change in visitors – just from one article!

Imagine what that will do for his sit, his engineering reputation, his business!

What would a traffic spike like that do for your business?

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