How I Killed the Conversation on My Blog

Know a great way to end a conversation? Make it really difficult for people to talk. Know how to kill the conversation on your website? Shut off comments!

I am Such an Idiot!

I had comments turned off since spam on this site was ramped up over the summer. The problem with becoming a more popular website is that you are a greater hacking target, too.

What I Did

WordPress gives you tons of options to control commentors. Since I was getting tons of spam in comments even through my Askimet spam filter I decided to turn everything to lock down. I was essentially forcing people to create a user account to comment. Stupid!

The Cardinal Rule of Websites

Make it as easy as possible for users to perform the action you want them to perform!

I violated that by making people register. People had to first decide they wanted to comment, then 2) try to comment where they were told they had to log in first, 3)If they tried to log in, they couldn’t. 4)In very small text at the bottom of the login page it showed where they could create an account. 5) After they created an account, they had to wait for me to approve them before they could 6) come back to the site and 7) comment.

Thats 7 freaking steps to leave a quick note!

Why This is Especially Stupid Now!

I’m running a logo design contest! I just released a ton of popular content that is burning up my servers! I’ve been missing out on great reader interaction and commenting. I’ve probably pissed off a bunch of readers that will never return. So stupid!

If you’d like to comment on how stupid I’ve been, please feel free below. It’s easy now. But don’t spam me. Trust me on that one!

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