How to Name Your Website

Choosing a domain name, a URL and naming your website is step one. Here are a few guidelines to get you started.

Top Level Domain

Try for the standard .COM. Or a specific country’s version like for the United Kingdom, for Australia, etc. Memorable – you want the url to be absolutely unforgettable. No one can forget Google or Amazon.


Be crystal clear in the name choice. The Domain should reflect exactly what you do.


The shorter the url is, the better. Less chance of typos and better chance of people remembering it.


Consider your true market. Is it reflected in the domain name?

Word Count

Again, here is a case where less is more. The fewer words, the better.


Don’t use hyphens if you can help it. People can’t remember them. Some keyboards have multiple kinds of hyphens. Some keyboards don’t have any.


Similarly for numbers, unless you are an advanced marketer using massive URL split level testing, don’t use numbers.

Word Substitution

Use the words you mean instead of substitutes. For example, names is much better than namz.


Try not to abbreviate words. For example, use Charlotte instead of the airport code CLT.

This should get you well on your way. Please share your thoughts below.

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