How Much is My Domain Name and Website Worth?

What’s in a name? Sometimes serious cash. People buy and sell website domain names speculating on how much a domain name is worth. If you are a small business owner, a healthy website can be a real asset to your company not only day-to-day but also when it comes time to sell it.

If you own a domain and are interested in selling it, or if you’re just curious how much web site equity you have, here are a few resources for you.

For fun, let’s find out how much this site is worth right now as of the time I am writing it. We’ll check back in a few months and see if I’ve been able to move that line at all. I don’t know of any other website designers that would be willing to show you how much their site is worth.

Free Domain Name Appraisals

Swift Appraisal analyzes your domain name on certain criteria. That criteria is exactly what you should use when you are deciding how to name your website. They gave me a range of $ 1,200 ~ 1,800 for my domain name alone. Off of their criteria, I can’t do much else. My domain name is static.

Paid Domain Name Appraisals

Remember, you get what you pay for, so a paid appraisal services may be worth it. I am not interested in selling my site, so I’ll skip this step. Appraisals look to start at around $30 but if you are serious about selling your website, you should probably get a professional to do it. Definitely worth paying a fee if they can get you more for your work.

Free Web Site Appraisals

Website Outlook provides a rough estimate of traffic and estimated ad revenue.
Today, they list with an estimated Worth $2146.2 USD

Traffic Rank 2168346
PageRank 2
Backlinks 2635
Dmoz Categories Currently Not Listed in Dmoz

They are grading on traffic, backlinks, Alexa rank, Page rank, and Dmoz listings. That’s cool. It gives me some homework there. Checking my traffic, I am trending up. See how my reach per Million has doubled in the last month? I’m on my game now, boys and girls! Traffic History
Time Range Traffic Rank Reach Rank Reach PerMillion PageViews Rank PageViews PerMillion PageViews PerUser
3 Months 2168346 1804226 0.5 3246237 0.01 1.2
1 Months 1847901 1584194 0.7 2671661 0.01 1.3
7 Days 1167862 1012824 1.4 1645139 0.02 1.4

Alexa Rankings

Alexa provides ranking services powered by Amazon. They rank off of unique visitors to your site per day and page views – how many different pages on your site visitors see each day.

Today, my current rankings are:
Alexa Rank: 2,168,346
Reviews: (1) 5 star review – thanks to whomever did that!
Traffic Rank in the US: 623,822
Sites Linking In: 29

Again, it looks like I have some homework.


DNScoop also judges on Alexa rankings, inbound links and age. Here’s what they had to say about my site:

The estimated value of is: $29,854 was created on: June 22 2005
Domain age (approximately): 4 Years, 4 Months, 16 days.. Older domains tend to rank better, and they also tend to be worth more money.

The total number of pages that contain links to 2,314

I like this analysis just for the number! I’m glad it gave me credit for having an older domain. My work list roughly the same as everywhere else.


In the end a website or domain is worth only what the market will bear. However, checking to see how much other peole think your website is worth can really point out some improvement areas for you. Just be careful. If you received an offer out of the blue, it is entirely possible you were spammed by a domain appraisal company. Since selling your domain or website would be a transfer of property, a real offer should be made by a legal representative of the company.

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