Questions from a Fort Mill, South Carolina Realtor

Questions from a Fort Mill, South Carolina Realtor

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with a Realtor in Fort Mill, South Carolina who needs a website designed. She’s a fairly new Realtor, her first closing was to be the day after we met, but she understands the value of marketing herself on the internet (sales up 73.4%!)and wanted a bright, friendly new website to promote herself with.

How Do You Get Started with a Website?

Like many people starting out in business, she knew how valuable a website would be in getting her name out. What she didn’t know was how to start or how the process worked. We had previously reviewed her competitors and colleague’s websites as well as those pushing the web design edge in other real estate markets so we had a good basis to start from. Here are a few questions we covered.

  • What does a $600 website look like?

Answer: pretty bad. Like a website a college kid would build for you and 1000 other people.

  • What does a $1000 website look like?

Kind of like this one. Looks plain, but dominates Search Engine Rankings for Antique Tool Chests.

  • Can you put MLS search on my site?
  • What pages should I start with?
  • What is an About Us Page? Can you show me some examples?
  • What are some other things I can started with?

Why I Love These Questions.

I have built a killer website answering web design and development questions. There are over 400 articles that have helped hundreds of thousands of people do everything from how to post a picture on Craigslist to SEO tips & tutorials.

Whether the answers were one sentence or many pages long, they also helped me grow my business because the search engines have indexed my website. Now, whenever people ask Google some 400 questions, my website shows up in a great spot with great answers. That leads to customers.

Follow Up

The next step is to answer those questions on this site. It’s easy. I’ve answered them a hundred times before and just answered them for a happy new client. If I write a new article for each question, my site gets that much
better, my business will attract so many new clients, and so many more people with be helped with their web development questions. Sounds like a win, win, win!

Realtor or not, what web development questions do you have? How do you help people via your website? Let us know in the comments below.

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