Duct Tape Marketing Beta Tester!

Early this month I was chosen as a Duct Tape Marketing Beta tester. What’s
that? Read this post here.


Why I Am Excited

Some people in my social circle had no idea why I was excited. One even
thought I was going to be testing physical Duct Tape. Not so much. Here are
a few bullets on why I was so pumped to be chosen:

  1. John is the man.
  2. I got access to the man
  3. This course keeps me on top of my field
  4. I get to see how one of the best in the business conducts some of his business. Better than an MBA.



The Comment that Won Me the Contest

John said that the comment that made the most compelling case would win a
slot. I was one of a handful accepted (remember, this is out of nearly
100,000 readers).


John, I’d love to be a beta tester. Here’s why: A long time web developer
and blogger, I just joined twitter and FB reluctantly at the behest of my
local Chamber of Commerce (hey, if everyone else is doing it…) I am in
the process of figuring out the nuts and bolts behind A)Social Media (sm)
etiquette, B) cross posting, C) Single update tools (and the piping that
goes with them.)

Furthermore, I have dozens of questions that I am exploring (and perhaps a
few answers to share, too), I WILL implement the activities, and I will
record the success.

Finally, I am in deep prep for my own membership site (much different
product) and may be useful as a tester on that front, too. i.e. mechanics
vs content.

Hope you pick me! Excellent promotion!



I think I’ve been helping John refine his product. I’ve already learned a
ton. And his lesson plan includes action tasks chock-full of things I
always meant to do but never got around to. Win, win, win!

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