The First Step in SEO

The first step in SEO is to forget about SEO.

That’s right. Just craft the content. Write it for humans. Make the links relevant, make the headers legible, make the images helpful. Create the page so that it is useful!

Why to Forget SEO

If your site is set up the right way (through architecture), this will be enough to get you on the board. Once you’re on the board, humans reading your stuff will be the ones whose votes count.

If readers like your stuff, they’ll share it. They’ll put you on digg, link to you on their sites. It’s people who tweet, email, and share your stuff and get that buzz that leads to PageRank, authority and all that good stuff that search engines are trying to mathematically quantify.

Remember, You Can Always Optimize Later

Get your content out there. Actually interact and help people. That’s the important part. Once you have time you can go back and optimize everything to your heart’s content making those search spiders happy.

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