Tweet if You’re Unhappy

Here’s a great, local example on how 2 Lake Wylie businesses use social media.

The other day I was having trouble with my Comporium signal. It likes to go on and off. Debugging it is very difficult because although my modern TVs work fine with the federal digital signal requirements, Comporium upgraded their signal above and beyond that standard requiring me to rent 2 set top converters from them. Since I also have a digital cable modem, I am left with this monstrosity of an arrangement of wires, splitters, etc. Remember, my TiVo requires my wireless internet to work.

When something stops working – like it does every 2 days or so – it is very difficult to figure out what the culprit is. All of this could be fixed by buying a few digital flat screens for the house and upgrading our 2 TiVos to digital (at greater expense)

Enter Twitter and Facebook

I am now on Twitter because everyone in the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce seems to be. If they are there, I need to be there. Blame SubGuy, CharlotteCPA, CLT_CPA, and LKWFinancialAdv for getting me hooked.

Because I am lazy, I hooked my Twitter feed up to Facebook. I like having only one place to send updates. I may even add LinkedIn and my various blogs, too, shortly.

The $120 Tweet

Because I was frustrated with my Comporium->Tivo contraption failing for the nth time since the digital conversion I sent out an angry Tweet / FaceBook update.

Twitter updates are public and searchable. You can even set up alerts when your company is mentioned. Apparently someone on Comporium was listening.

He checked out my website and sent me a message via my contact page. We’ve been emailing back and forth all month and I’ve gotten tons of answers. He was willing to listen to me over a range of business and technical issues. He went back to customer service on my behalf as well as tracked down engineering and operations. The guy is a superstar. We talked some more and he figured out how to save me $10 a month with my current set up. That helps!

I hope this post makes up for my angry tweet about Comporium. They’re working to get better. Tivo, you still are awful.

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA, PFS November 28, 2009 at 7:43 pm

I had a similar problem with Comporium — our internet connection kept going down and the customer service person the phone refused to admit that it was anything to do with Comporium. He said it must be my router or my computer or the way I was sitting in my chair. Finally, I demanded that the techs come out and they did find there was an intermittent problem that affected ALL of Lake Wylie. In my frustration, I tweeted about it and the @comporium rep emailed me. That is what true customer service is about.

On a similar note, Wachovia and McDonalds were not listening to my frustrations on Twitter, but @bojangles was right on it when I complained about the drive thru being slow.


CWD November 28, 2009 at 7:56 pm

Hi Donna,

Thanks for commenting! Comporium does seem to be getting on the ball with customer service now. I hate to be the ‘angry customer’ but sometimes that squeaky wheel really does get the grease.

I recently had significant trouble trying to secure supplies at CVS for my father who is recovering from surgery. I tweeted about CVS and the mind-boggling ineptitude I found there to no avail.

On one hand you feel guilty about holding a brand hostage with negative complaining in social media but on the other hand there are certain minimums of decorum and customer service that should be applied. You would think in today’s economy dumping poor phone / customer service reps and replacing them would be more common place.


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