Why Twitter, Facebook, etc is Not Enough

Why Twitter, Facebook, etc is Not Enough

It’s so nice and fulfilling, isn’t it? You’ve got a Twitter account or a Facebook page and you are making updates, building your lists, attracting more followers, friends, and lurkers. You’re well on your way to stardom on the Interwebs! Business will absolutely explode after all this twitting, right?

Not necessarily.

3 Reasons Twitter and Facebook Need to Feed Your Website.

1. You Don’t Own the Lists.

Think about it. Twitter and Facebook may have staying power and continue to be with us for a long time. Or they may not. MySpace anyone? Once the people leave that site, what will you be left with? I’m pretty sure that all the people who built their businesses on MySpace or a particular bulletin board forum wish they had a permanent asset. It’s great if you’re seeing Facebook or Twitter or whatever generate sales, attention, traffic or insert what you are looking for here for you right now. But what if they shut down? What if they kick you out? What if they some how prevent access to all of those people in your circle? Better own that list yourself.

2. Building Assets

DeNiro once said in that awesome movie Ronin “I never go into a place I don’t know how to get out of.” Most business owners building their on-line footprint aren’t looking to sell the company and jump ship quite yet. But there will be a day when you will want to. A website is a digital asset that you can use that augments the value of your business. Think about it. If you were presented with two businesses to buy right now, which one would you take given costs and EBITA was the same? The one with 1000 visitors interacting with the business each day or the one without a website?

How much extra would you pay for the first one?

3. Reach

You can show off your site on Twitter. You can show it off on FaceBook. But you can only show it off to the people who have accounts on those sites. While it is true that Twitter has an open RSS feed that anyone can see, it’s a specialized version of the standard your entire site should already use. As for Facebook? Forget it. It’s a walled garden that hardly lets anyone in or out.

Tweets and FB updates have their place in your business plans, but they themselves are not business plans.

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