How I Got Experts to Write for Free

How the content was made

Simply enough, I started off by offering my opinions and asking questions to a diverse group of professionals. Some questions were baits to get people talking. Some were honest inquiries outside of my professional expertise. All were engaging and entertaining. The most interesting snippets of conversation made their way to quotes on the posts.

Why was the content made this way?

Three easy answers here: Networking, Marketing, and Interaction.

Networking: Each time I interacted with a professional, I learned a bit about them and what they did. In turn they learned about me. Hopefully I’ll be able to help them out in the future.

Marketing: Thanking people publicly on this site has been GREAT for my web traffic and exposure. People love seeing their names in print – and their websites linked to. I sincerely enjoy giving credit where it is due.

Could you do the same? Have you done something similar? Let us know in the comments below.

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