How to Build a Web Site

How to Build a Web Site

Ever wonder how to build a website? Here’s an easy checklist to follow.

Do You Have Everything Your Website Needs?

Not everything website building related is technology or content. Some needs are really business decisions that need to be complete before you begin to get your site off the ground? See my checklist here on What do I need to design a website?

  • Identify the need, the audience, and the mission (goals.)
  • Create a sitemap – pages needed to satisfy the mission.
  • Identify constraints and technology tools needed.

Make Your Site Pretty

  • Create a layout, an over all design, and a website style guide.
  • Create content (images, text, videos).

Build out the pages

Now that you have the infrastructure ready, build out each individual page. Group like pages when and where appropriate. Check out my previous article on How to Design a Web Page for help here.

Keep the ball rolling

Web sites do not exist in a vacuum. They need attention and some TLC to flourish. Create a regular maintenance strategy like you would for your house or car. Follow this up with a marketing / advertising strategies complete with your expected results.

And that’s how you build a web site.

Any questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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yahya alsaqer March 12, 2010 at 3:59 pm

I want to learn how to desin web sites. I do not know from where can I start. Do I need scripting languages ???
Is designing depends completely on programming or i can use some application to design firstly and enhance the site using languages.
I do not from where to start. Can you help me ??

Thanks alot


CWD March 13, 2010 at 8:32 am

Hi Yahya,

Thanks for stopping by. I was trying to say in this article that website design starts at analysis – not the technology one would use to build a site. That would be a different article! This sort of analysis is necessary to make sure you’re building the right thing.

I will write another article on the technical tools, languages, etc I use to build websites soon. Just keep coming back and you’ll see it soon!

I started learning by just using my computer. Remember, you don’t need any tools beyond a computer with a web browser. I wrote HTML by hand in notepad, saved the file as .html and then opened it in my browser to check what I did. That’s a very manual process but it gave me a strong grounding in the fundamentals.

If you want to make your website do something interactive or “pretty” you will need scripting languages. If you make a website do custom things you’ll need to access a database. For that you will need to know a good platform language (.net, jsp, php, ruby, java, etc) to manage the database connection. Finally you will need to know a query language (SQL) to read, write, and update that database.

There’s quite a lot to learn but like anything else it starts with understanding the fundamentals.


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