How to Deal With Psycho Commenters

How to Deal With Psycho Commenters

I myself made an error on a previous post by quoting a quip that a fellow forum member made. While I gave 100% attribution to the person I was quoting AND linked back to her website, AND sent her a note stating that I had quoted here. She was still very distressed at this fact and went absolutely insane and left several nasty comments both on this site and abroad.

After I exchanged several apologetic emails with her and deleted everything with her name on it from my site. Even after all of this, she still left one final bizarre comment specifically stating what she didn’t want anyone to see. In an effort to make amends I left a public apology in the comments section of the offending post,

I really wish I had not deleted them – they were entertaining reading, and, as part of my website, my property. We’ve already discussed with a legal expert on my post Can I Quote You? that any information posted on my site is fair game.

Negative comments can also be a great way to decimate your competition, too.

But what if you see negative comments on social media sites about your business? How should you respond then? Not to worry, I made a guide – How to Deal with Negative Comments Online.

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