Spring Cleaning for Websites

Spring Cleaning for Websites

It’s Thanksgiving, and being a website designer in a banking town like Charlotte, North Carolina this means I have the day off. Perfect for doing a bunch of website maintenance, development, and re-design on my portfolio of sites. While it’s obviously Fall, here’s my Spring Cleaning checklist for my websites.

Website Maintenance

1. Ran Auto-Upgrade on all of my WordPress sites to make sure they have the latest and greatest code, features, enhancements and security.

2. Upgraded any plugins that fell out of date.

3. Approved, denied, or spammed any pending comments.

4. Emptied the automatic spam collection folder.

Website Improvements

1. Updated my ping services with help from HowToMakeMyBlog’s checklist.

2. Installed the Broken Link Checker on all of my sites. Now, I will automatically know if any links are broken.

3. Reviewed the best security practices for WordPress websites.

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