What Pages Do I Put on My Web Site?

What Pages Do I Put on My Web Site?

Boy, do I get this question a lot! What pages should I put on my website? Usually it’s right after a customer has met with me and decided that my company is the one to design and build a web site for them. They have the concepts of branding, presence, and search engines down. Now they want to get started. But Where to go? That’s what this article is about.

In my experience, you should have at least 5 core pages for your viewers right off the bat. I’ll put the list here and then follow up with a little bit more of a description on a few follow up articles.

My 5 Essential Pages for any Wed Site Design

1. Home / Intro Page– OK, kind of a layup here. But you need to make a strong first impression. Here’s the essentials about crafting your home page. Here’s a case study on the 7 things that million dollar websites put on their home pages that most small businesses do not, but should!

2. About Page – Something that tells me what the site and company are about. Perhaps also something about the people behind the site / company. Here’s exactly what to put on your About page

3. Contact Page– Your readers, viewers, prospects, and clients all need a way to get in touch with you. Make it easy for them. While it is a good idea to keep these elements on every page, a central, localized place where all forms of contact information is stored is a great idea. Here’s exactly what to put on your Contact page.

4. Testimonials – The human touch. We humans are social animals. Testimonials provide that element of social acceptance that people need to become your clients. Think of it, do you really ever want to be some-one’s first customer?

5. Services – If you are a small business or professional, it’s likely that your entire stock of offerings cannot fit into your homepage without overwhelming the visitor. If you sell products, you better have a catalog. If you are a Realtor, you had better describe your buyer’s agent or seller’s agent services and describe the homes you have for sale. Self explanatory.

A great way to drive visitors to your services or products is by creating a landing page for each one. Here’s a longer explanation of how landing pages help.

Those are the top 5 pages. We’ll investigate each a little bit more in depth as this series continues as well as discuss other pages you might consider adding in to these basic five in the future. What pages did I leave out? Tell the world below.

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