All About the About Page

All About the About Page

My About page is my second-most popular page after my home page. It’s where people go to see if I’m human. Hey, that’s human. With all of the trust elements and directed response that you’ve built into your home page, this is the natural follow up that curious web surfing bipeds choose to take.

Continue Building Trust

The trust elements either stated directly or alluded to on the home page need to be reinforced here on your About page. People want to know that you’re for real, that your site or your company is backed by real people that they can imagine themselves doing business with.

Show Personality

You get a lot more attitude when drafting an About Us page in terms of professionalism. People are looking for personality and that human touch as well as qualifications so why not make it a bit more entertaining than a dry resume?

Great About Us Page Examples

  • Tailored – An incredibly successful Australian Web Design Firm reveals their personality while listing their staff check the Gnome!
  • Bordeaux and Bordeaux, Charlotte-based accountants go a little more formal and have an about us page for their firm, one page for their staff, and then pages for each individual.
  • Brian Clark, Copywriter and Entrepreneur extraordinaire uses his about page to first give a definition of copy writing, second add

subscribers to his newsletter, and third talk about himself and his qualifications.

Expert Opinions

Enough about me, here’s what some other internet experts say about the About Page.

In some form or another people hiring you for a service or looking or a product want to know about you, this is because it will show them the kind of person or company you are. It helps build trust and opens more communication on many ends which is always a good thing. Matt Blasi, Owner, BrokenPiston Media LLC

This could be duplicated information in some cases, but it should be your Profile page to assist with the ‘Know You’, ‘Like You’, ‘Trust You’ process. Perhaps include your Social Networks etc. Can you put company registration details? Make it easy for people to find out more about you so they know they are dealing with a reputable company. Charly Leetham, Small Business Coach

Personnel history. A complete bio of every executive and leading manager in the company, complete with contact information. Here is where the Board of Directors is listed as well, again with their contact information. -Marie-Dolores Anderson, Assistant Comptroller at HCDC

How does your current about page work? Did you take the formal approach or chose a more whimsical, personality revealing page? Perhaps somewhere in between.

What other essential About Page items have I left out? What would you recommend?

This is part of the What Pages Do I Put on My Website Series. Check out the link for a bunch of related articles.

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