Header and Logo Contest Update

I am running a logo / header contest for my own web development site. In short, I’ve asked designers to submit concepts (logo, header, etc) before December 5th, 2009, along with compensation requirements ($0 – $300) according to my specs here:


The winner will be selected by various members of my local chamber of commerce as well as my on-line network. Part of your compensation will be my on-line promotion of you and your services through out the contest.

The winning design will be the one that best conveys my brand but the cost of the design will factor in, too. Fro example, if one designer has a great design but charges $200 for it and another designer has one that is very close, but is doing this just for the publicity, she may win. Vice Versa, too.

If this isn’t something you’re interested in, that’s fine. I’d still love to connect on Twitter, LinkedIn or where ever. Any thoughts on my site are especially appreciated!

Contest Leaders

We have 2 outstanding submissions so far. These two are leading the pack by leaps and bounds. I definitely recommend checking them out.

Matt Dougan, Owner, lead designer of an architectural design studio in Flagstaff, AZ

Julie Jancen, Owner, One Twin Design, a graphic designer in Toronto, Canada.

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