Home Page Essentials

Home Page Essentials

We could spend days talking about home pages. There really is that much information and strategy in this one topic. But if you’re reading this article, you likely don’t have that kind of time.

Your Home Page is Your Business’s Front Yard.

In short, you obviously need to have a strong home page. This is the front stoop of your business’s internet real estate. It needs to make a phenomenal first impression.

Just like your real business location, keep it neat, make it nice, establish trust, and show your personality. Yes, all in one page. And it gets more interesting. You must get users to take action! Whether it’s buying a product, calling your phone, reading some more content or signing up for an email list, your home page must deliver!

Your home page is like a Point Guard taking the rock and slinging it around the court posting up the slam dunk!

Charly Leetham, a Small Business Coach, calls her home page “my 7 second advertisement that tells people why they are on the right site and why they want to deal with me.”

Does your current home page give your visitors that information they need in those crucial first 7 seconds? Does it distribute attention to the appropriate supporting pages?

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What other essential Home Page items have I left out? What would you recommend?

This is part of the What Pages Do I Put on My Website Series. Check out the link for a bunch of related articles.

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