What to Put on Your Contact Us Page

What to Put on Your Contact Us Page

If you have a small business website, you need to have a way for prospects who found you on-line to contact you. There is little point in doing all that hard work of building a website, promoting and marketing it, putting up great content if you are not getting any business from it.

Matt Blasi, Owner, BrokenPiston Media LLC agrees with my sentiments.

If they cannot reach you it is pointless. You can have the best results in the world but they need to be able to get in touch with you. This can be as simple as a small box with email, phone and postal address or an elaborate form they fill out whichever the design and architecture calls for.

What to Put on Your Contact Us Page

At the bare minimum include your preferred contact information. This might be a phone number, an email, a fax, or possibly an address. If you have an address, directions would be a great help. You could even embed a Google Map so users could plot directions right to your door!

I prefer to have a contact form built into my site. It’s a simple, but oh-so-helpful piece of coding that allows people to fill out a form and email you. I find this is so much more efficient than just leaving my email address on the page because it directs the users to enter the kind of information that you want to have when you respond to their inquiry. For example, my contact page includes prompts for the kind of website that people would wish to have designed.

PS If you want an easy-to use, yet awesomely extensible contact form on your website but you don’t want to code, check out my review of the Gravity Forms Custom Form maker – it rocks.

Media Relations

I’ll admit that I never thought of it, but Lorraine makes a great point here about media relations.

From a public relations/marketing point of view, I’d also like to suggest that the contact list always include someone who is able to respond to the media promptly. -Lorraine Pace, Owner/President at Pace Company

What else would you include on a contact page? What did I leave out? Tell the world below!

This is part of the What Pages Do I Put on My Website Series. Check out the link for a bunch of related articles.

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