This Week in Web Design – December 8th 2009 Edition

FTC roundtable explores privacy in an information economy

Google has a great article on th3 latest FTC rulings that have bloggers more clearly disclosing their affiliate policies. Here are some bullet points.

John Chow, and internet marketer/blogger with my favorite disclosure policy reminds ust that “The easiest way to comply with the rules is to have a very clear disclosure policy.”

  1. Benefits and Risks of Collecting, Using, and Retaining Consumer Data
  2. Consumer Expectations and Disclosures
  3. Online Behavioral Advertising
  4. Information Brokers
  5. Exploring Existing Regulatory Frameworks

Is it too late to catch up?

For the many small businesses that are wondering if it is too late to catch up to their more-savvy competitors in an increasingly competitive economy, Seth Godin offers his typical brief but incredibly insightful suggestions. Chief amonng them, use corporate-branded email, Get a Website, Start a Blog, Use Social Media, interact, read more.

How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Your Blog

For more actionable steps on how to get started with that first blog or website, you can either contact your friendly neighborhood charlotte website designer and/or read ProBlogger’s treatise on How to stops Procrastinating and Start Your Blog.

Google’s Real Time Search

Getting started with Blogging and social media is very timely as the world’s largest search engine reveals that it is going to start displaying real time search results.

What website design and development news articles did you find compelling? What did you think of the articles I listed? Let the world know in the comments below.

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