Social Media Motorsports Summit

Andy Kaplan is hosting a Social Media summit for the Motorsports community on January 28th, 2010 here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Social Media has of course, taken the small business world by storm. Clients can, and will,  Tweet about your company if they are unhappy. After all Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc are certainly not a waste of time.

Since many companies tend to have difficulty with social media, why not attend a conference that could help you out?

10 Items To Be Covered at the Social Media Motorsports Summit

  1. Why is Social Media changing the rules?
  2. How do you measure Social Media ROI?
  3. How do you control the message and track your reputation?
  4. Where do you find creative ideas and developers?
  5. Where are Facebook and Twitter heading in 2010?
  6. How do you build and grow a vibrant fan community?
  7. What is the right mix of traditional media and Social Media?
  8. Why mobile devices are powerful Social Media delivery systems?
  9. How do you leverage your brand with Social Media?
  10. Insert Your Question Here – You will get to ask the experts!

Andy asked me to be part of his team but sadly, I will not be attending. I’ve got a wedding to go to – mine! But I definitely suggest either you go or get started on your own Social Media Marketing Strategy. Especially if you are wondering if things like Blogs are worth the ROI for Small Business.

My Social Media Strategy

I have been working on my strategy ever since being accepted as a Duct Tape Marketing Beta tester and it has paid great dividends. If you cannot go to the Social Media Motorsports Summit, I can very readily recommend John Jantsch’s Social Media course.

If you’d like to sign up for the Social Media Motorsports Summit, click that link. There’s a $50 off deal if you sign up early!

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