Vote in My Logo & Header Contest!

The Logo & Header Contest is now Closed! Thanks to all who voted and gave feedback! A HUGE Thanks to the designers!

It’s time to vote in my Logo & Header contest. Some very talented designers answered my call for help and submitted headers and logos. They are all great. I wish I didn’t have to choose one. Well, in fact, I don’t have to choose anything – that’s your job!

The field has been narrowed to the top 3 submissions. Let’s take a look at the finalists’ examples first.

The 3 Finalists

Entry 1

Julie Jancen, One Twin Design @OneTwin,

One Twin Design Header One Twin Design Header

Entry 2

Matt Dougan

Matt Dougan's Logo Matt Dougan’s Logo

Entry 3

Mithril. He actually submitted a whole sheet of letterheads, business cards, headers, logos, etc. You can see his whole submission here.

Mithril's Logo and Header Mithril’s Logo and Header

How to Vote

There are a few ways to vote:

  1. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and your vote.(Be professional, I reserve the right to delete anything inappropriate.)
  2. Click here and to take this survey. (Update: 12/14 Survey removed)(In fact, I’d love for everyone to take that survey.)
  3. Contact me privately.
    Try me on Twiter, Facebook, LinkedIn, the contact form, or call me!
  4. Tell me in person.
    In the street, at the bar, at the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce’s business after hours, at Friends in Business, etc.
  5. Take the Survey!
    Again, here’s the link: Click here to take survey.  (Update: 12/14 Survey removed)

Voting Rules

  1. Vote early!
    Votes end when we get a quorum of responses or December 25th, 2009. Whichever comes first.
  2. Vote often!
    Ex. Email, + survey link + comments section below + Twitter + Facebook + LinkedIn, etc.)
  3. However, only one vote will count per medium.
    Ex. If you vote 100 times on Twitter (which might be awesome) it only counts as one vote. This is to prevent abuse.

THANK YOU to Each of the 3 Designers!

I want to thank each of the designers that submitted work. Each one is great and I am incredibly lucky to have met each of you. I am certain that we will be working together in the future.

In fact….

Would You Like a Logo or Custom Header?

You don’t have to run a contest. All you need to do is to contact the designer you liked best and they’ll build you one for a very reasonable fee. Let me know and I will put you in touch with any (or all 3) of these great designers. Obviously, each is incredibly industrious, hard working, and very, very talented. They were willing to put time in and take a chance on working with me and it was a great experience. I recommend each very highly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote! If you’d like to see the results of the voting, please sign up for my free newsletter and/or add to your favorite RSS reader.

If you have other time available, please check out some of my best articles here.

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CWD December 16, 2009 at 8:54 pm

Thanks for the tremendous feedback, everyone! We have 50 comments here, even more entries in the survey, a bunch in person and well over 100 votes via email, LinkedIn, and Direct Message via Twitter.

A special thanks to everyone who referred friends to this contest via email or reTweeting or any other method. We had a huge spike over the weekend but votes are slowing down now. The contest will close on Friday night, Midnight Eastern Standard time. If you are interested in finding out who won, please bookmark this page, add the blog feed to your subscription, follow me on Twitter or link to me on LinkedIn. I’ll try every avenue I can think of to update everyone who voted.

Thanks and I can’t wait to see the winning design!


Leo December 18, 2009 at 2:30 am

I would go with #2. #1 is too busy. #3 is somewhat bland. #2 would look great scaled up & down. #2 would also look good in black & whtie when faxed (for people who still like faxes).


CWD December 19, 2009 at 9:34 am

Hi all,

The contest is officially closed! What an incredible response! Thanks to everyone for voting. The designers will be contacted and results posted shortly!

Thanks again!


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