Header and Logo Contest Results

Header and Logo Contest Results

As you know, I just finished up a header and logo contest for this site. And, well, if you’re reading this page on my site, you already know the winning entry – Matt Dougan’s logo carried the day. Congratulations, Matt!

Of course, since the other designs were so close in the contest, it would be a shame to waste that kind of talent. Julie has graciously allowed me use of that header for my Twitter and Facebook accounts. And Mithril’s entry will be bound to be another company’s logo in the near future (hopefully on a website I design!)

This was a very strong and close contest. Well over one hundred people voted – mostly people I don’t know! There were of course the wonderful comment entries that people entered on the bottom of the post. That provided wonderful feedback for both me and the designers. My big hope for 2010 is that I can create a few more non-contest articles that generate that kind of buzz and excitement.

Speaking of the effects of the Header and Logo contest, I highly recommend that anyone in any business of any kind have a contest immediately! My hope for this contest was to meet some great designers that I could work with in the future (CHECK on that one!) and of course to get a killer header image (double check!)

But there was so many more great effects in terms of traffic, exposure, connections made (or re-connections), technology learned, interaction, and even a new client (and several new prospects)! More on all of that later. You may have noticed my new thesis – experiment based blogging. I will write up a comprehensive analysis later for anyone who may be interested at what lay beneath the surface.

Aesthetically, you can see the new logo up above in my header. This logo will now be the face of my business and provide a bit of branding consistency as I port that image over to my social media accounts. The logo spawned a complete re-design of my website that will be occurring in small increments over the next few weeks. You can already see a bit of that now with cleaner lines and much more white space. Again, more on all of that later, bu for now, what do you think?

For now, thanks to everyone who voted and a HUGE thanks to the competing designers. I am truly in your debt.

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