Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Picture Perfect

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Picture Perfect

First I’d like to thank everyone who visited my booth and or attended my speech at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Picture Perfect event last weekend. Thanks especially to the organizers, staff, and DSBG for putting on such a great event!

After my speech and through out the weekend I collected emails (that’s why I am contacting you now) of people who were interested obtaining a copy of the speech I wrote. As the weekend went on I also collected a huge list of questions that people commonly had. I thought it would be a great resource if I could compile all of those things together for you to be able to print out and have in your hand.

I promised to have that resource out for you by the end of this past week.

Well, the feedback and those questions have been amazing. I have been emailing and talking to many people from that event over the week and the list just keeps getting bigger. I keep on throwing more pictures, diagrams, and examples into it. I am simply not done just yet. And I feel terrible about it.

The reason it is taking so long is that I want to give you the best information that I can, in the best way I know how, and that takes a lot of time for what is turning out to be many, many pages of text.

So I have a mitigation plan:

Option 1: If you want to see what is done right now:

What I have been doing is writing one article at a time and putting it on my website. You can sign up and have each article emailed to you one at a time for free by signing up here

Alternately, you can see them come out one by one on my web development blog.

You can also go to my Articles Page and see a large sampling of the articles that I have written grouped by concept.

The good thing about this approach is that each page has a comment section where you can ask me questions or for clarifications that I’m happy to answer at any time.

Option 2: Wait until they are all done.

The great thing about the web is that it allows you to link all sorts of articles and resources together. That’s what I am doing with my speech. I will eventually post the structure of the speech, upgraded with answers to every frequently asked question, with a link to other articles where I will provide greater and more in-depth answers.

I will email you with a link to that once it’s finished as promised. I thank you for your feedback and your patience!


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Witold March 6, 2012 at 4:49 am

Hi Ted ,
When I send an email with a photo from my desktop ( Mac ) I click and hold on the photo as I move it onto the email . A green band appears above the text and I drop the photo there . It slowly loads and I can keep adding photos while others are loading . Could this method work on Craigslist ?


Charlotte Web Development March 6, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Sorry, Withold. Craigslist doesn’t support that kind of photo uploading at the moment. You’ll still have to find a place to host your image before putting it in your ad.


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