Green Bay Computer Repair Case Study

Green Bay Computer Repair Case Study

A Green Bay computer repair company contacted me last year towards the end of my logo contest. The owner, Jason Davies and I had interacted over various social media sites and he needed a new website design. But there were also a number of other items he needed help with. Specifically how he could rank higher in Google.

Specifically, he wanted to rank well for his company’s name, TechRX computer repair, and virus removal in Green Bay.

Well, after looking through his previous site I determined that with a little web development magic, that would be easy enough. There were a few other items that Jason wanted TechRX to have as well including limited e-commerce ability with Google checkout as well as integration with his growing Facebook company page.

Redesigning a Computer Repair Website

Here’s a brief list of how we went about doing the work:

  1. Installed WordPress CMS and Blog. (For ease of use and SEO there is nothing better.)
  2. Customized a WordPress theme, installed a header, top navigation, side navigation, changed color scheme, etc.
  3. Transferred Pages from his existing sites.
  4. Consolidated allof his domain names to one single name –
  5. Added a Contact form with Captcha.
  6. Created a Google Checkout Shopping cart widget.
  7. Integrated the Facebook fan page to all of the left navigation.
  8. Built the site semantics from the ground up for SEO.


Once we published a few blog articles and started building inbound links (this write up from my site should really help!), Jason was well on his way. TechRX now flies for the terms we wanted. Jason’s site started out ranking 7th for some terms in Google and not being ranked at all for others. We were able to move it up quickly to the head of the charts with that list of work.

Web Development Specifics

For those looking for some more details on how we achieved great rankings for TechRX, here’s a list:

I built out the title tags on the pages we targeted for his keywords. We also added some more text to each page, a bunch of internal
links, updated the meta descriptions, and wrote a new blog post on his site linking to those pages.

Did a Little at a Time

Web development is similar to the story of the rabbit and the hare. Speeding out of the gate isn’t always the best course of action. The reason we do these updates slowly but steadily is to get Google used to seeing changes each time it crawls the site. Their crawl rate has a 1/2 life of sorts. Each time it comes back to a website and sees a change it schedules you for more-frequent crawling. If it doesn’t see a change, it schedules you for less-frequent crawling.

Any questions on how we could help your site? Contact Charlotte Web Development today by form or just leave a comment below.

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TechRx November 28, 2010 at 6:36 pm

I find this information on one of the few great data recovery companies. Your information is helpful for my needs in computer repair. Thanks!


Charlotte Web Development January 4, 2011 at 4:06 pm

Thought you would like it, Jason!


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