What You Should be Writing on Your Business Blog to Add Meaningful, Useful Traffic

What You Should be Writing on Your Business Blog to Add Meaningful, Useful Traffic

I received a great question the other day from a Charlotte Web Development audience member:

Sir, I have just purchased a new blog of WordPress, please tell me what to write on the blog so as to add a traffic to my website. Thanks 🙂 – A. Singh

Well, Mr. Singh, I will do my best.

First off, congratulations on your new website. Also, congratulations on adding a blog – the single best way in my opinion to add traffic to your website. Let me tell you how:

What I Writing on My Business Blog to Get Meaningful, Useful Traffic

Everyday I get questions from business owners around the world on how to best optimize their websites for their business. Sometimes this comes from the Charlotte Web Development contact form, in the form of comments at the bottom of my blog posts, but most questions come from my email newsletter sign up form – which visitors typically sign up for if they find one of my articles to be helpful or useful.

You see, after people sign up my website is configured to automatically ask them what I can help them with. This helps me make sure I am creating content that is valuable to my audience. The logic is that people will keep returning to my website if I keep offering them help. This is the same strategy I describe in the Effective Frequently Asked Questions post.

I’d bet that whatever your website is about, whatever your business is about, there are certain recurring questions that your audience and customers ask that would make great content. Similar to what I am doing with this article!

If anyone has more questions, drop me a line here, or leave a comment – and don’t forget to sign up for our FREE newsletter!

As an added bonus, I’ll be focusing this month on what to write on your website to help you gain traffic for your business website – sign up to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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