How I Should Write on My Website to Get Customers?

How I Should Write on My Website to Get Customers?

We are continuing a series on what to add to your website. We started earlier this week with the article ‘What You Should be Writing on Your Business Blog to Add Meaningful, Useful Traffi.‘ Today we cover the ‘How’ vs the ‘What’. Today’s question comes from a prior web design client of mine.

I was curious how I should write my blog posts. I noticed the one you wrote use selective logic. Some of it seems to “stand out past the norm.” I presume this helps search engines pickup changes, rather than being so similar they ignore it.

Or should I just write plain English? – Jason Davies, TechRX

It’s a great question. There are 2 rules to follow:

2 Rules for Writing Blog Posts

  1. Write in the same language you would use for your audience. Use their words, not your own.
  2. Don’t write for search engines. Write for people. Traffic will come.

Social media has have changed how search engines work dramatically over the last few years. Simply stuffing your web pages with keywords isn’t enough. You must have ‘sticky’, shareable content. It has to be stuff that people bookmark and return to. It has to be stuff that answer questions that people are asking. It has to be useful – and it has to be written using the same words that your audience uses to search for.

Just put your best stuff out there, share that content with the people who need it, and traffic will come. And keep coming.

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