Add Landing Pages to Your Site for Results

Add Landing Pages to Your Website for Results

A reminder on basic website development strategy and writing today. Optimizing a website is much easier with a landing page for each term visitors search for.

Changing my home page name and title from “Web Development” to be optimized for the local term “Charlotte, North Carolina Web Development” has yielded me great results! But that’s also largely because I have many other pages on my website geared for specific other terms.

For instance, I have a separate landing page for Free WordPress User Guides, another one for Craigslist Tutorials, and others for other purposes.

It does you no good to try to force one page of your website to rank well for all your terms. We call the practice of creating separate pages to rank for other key words Landing Page Strategy.

Here are some other Landing Page tips to follow up on:

While labeling your landing pages is helpful, it will still be up to you to get links to each of those pages with those terms in them. The more links we get to your page with those terms (in a non-scammy way) the better. That is why I recommend having a blog for your business.

Great for search rankings

You can create a bunch of your own content with all sorts of terms and see what hits. Kinda like fishing with 1000 lines in the water. A blog also publishes an RSS Feed, which, when configured with the right ping services, broadcast your articles all over the web. (Hint: this is an easy way to get links back to your website.) You can also use this functionality to automatically tell search engines when you’ve updated your website. This is very handy in getting your new content indexed quickly.

Cross-linking on your site helps, too. (Notice how many links there are in this article to other pages on my website?) But the chief impact comes from getting multiple links to your site with those terms in it.

Great for people

Remember the golden rule of website design; search engine rankings are nice, but you must write for people! Landing page strategy helps you with good design as it generates ready-made areas for your traffic to go. If visitors are looking for one specific type of information, it’s very easy to add links to your landing pages.

Landing pages are also great for FAQs. If you’re following the content building strategy I’ve laid out in the Effective Frequently Asked Questions article, providing one page that aggregating those posts into a single resource is an easy, rock-solid way of creating a landing page.

In the end

It is possible to rank a single page for multiple keywords. It’s just difficult. Nike, for example, would have no trouble with their marketing budget. The rest of us need to put in elbow grease! Learn more by checking out my SEO Tools & Tutorials landing page.

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