Which Christmas Firgure Represents Your Business?

Which Christmas Figure Represents Your Business?

Merry Christmas, all! Thanks for a wonderful 2012. While the Charlotte Web Development Elves are producing great content to help you out in 2013, here’s a light hearted, holiday-inspired look at your business. It would be helpful if you have seen the clay-mation movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Let us know which character best represents your business in the comments at the bottom of this page.


You bring good cheer and holiday spirit to your customers the world over.



Originally outcast, your special solutions and abilities save Christmas for the whole world!


Yukon Cornelius

Keeping on the search until you strike it rich!

Yukon Jack

Rudolph’s Dad

You keep pushing a poor position and fail to recognize the different greatness in front of you.

Rudolph's dad

Dentist Elf

You were born into a certain trade but you know your path takes you down a different road – hopefully not one that leads to unlicensed dentistry in any case.


Abominable Snowman

A case of really bad PR exacerbated by a tooth that really needs to be pulled. If you could just fix this one issue that is really troubling you, everyone would realize how great and useful you really are!

Abominable snowman

Island of Misfit Toys

Everything was filled with wonder and hope when you were created but, barring miraculous intervention, you don’t really belong anywhere and you’re unsure of your purpose.

Misfit toy elephant

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