Free Help for Your 2013 Small Business Resolutions

Free Help for Your 2013 Small Business Resolutions

Did you get everything you wanted this holiday season? Did you think your shot at getting free gifts was over the minute Santa jumped back in his sleigh? Not by a long shot. Charlotte Web Development is extending the gift-giving season by a week or two helping you out with your business’s goals for 2013.

keep the tail wagging

Last week I put out the call for New Year’s resolutions for your business. I’ve received great ideas but this one stood out:

The only thing that has held me back has been time (I work full time too) and lack of know how. But I’ve been taking in all kinds information this year (eBooks, books, webinars) and I’m ready to hit the ground running in 2013!

Kimberly Gauthier – Keep the Tail Wagging

This is a great attitude. Keep the Tail Wagging has already had great success and I want to help you get in the same position they are in. I write the Charlotte Web Development Newsletter to you achieve your business dreams by making use of free or inexpensive tools and intelligent engineering and marketing techniques. However, it’s your feedback and interaction that drive what I write – and I want more. So,over the course of January I’ll be writing posts about what some goals I’ve received from companies like yours like so:

  • Web Design Resolutions
  • Social Media Resolutions
  • SEO Resolutions
  • Web Content Resolutions
  • Web Development Resolutions
  • Email Marketing Resolutions
  • Analytics & Conversion Resolutions

Plus there will be occasional prizes raffled off for free that will help you complete your business New Year’s Resolution. All you have to do is have a subscription to our free newsletter and leave a comment on any post. See? Easy!
100 Start Up
Let’s start this off with one of my favorite books of 2012 – The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau. I’ve read Chris’ works for years and have had the occasion to meet him. He has a wonderful gift for inspiring action. His book offers lessons from not only his multiple businesses but also real life case studies of many other small businesses. Too many business authors, I feel, lack the necessary gravitas to speak with authority – Chris does not. He’s been there, done that. The most appealing part when considered with the SMART goals we discussed previously is a look at how little it actually takes to get a profitable business off the ground when approached with from a minimalistic viewpoint.

I think this book would help a lot of people. If you don’t win it, consider buying it and adding it to your collection… of course winning it is pretty easy. ;’)

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