How to Build Your website pages for maximum SEO Effect with Minimum Effort

How to Build Your Website Pages for Maximum SEO Effect with Minimum Effort

It seems that several of the Charlotte Web Development newsletter readers have New Year’s resolutions to increase the SEO of their websites. In this article I will cover some basic rules that make this very easy to do. You do not necessarily need to use the tools that I do but they sure do make life easier.

Rule 1. Build for readers, not for search engines.

People are the ones making the decisions and the search engine rules change all of the time to reflect how people are actually acting. See what I mean in this article on Writing for the web.

Rule 2. Use Landing Pages

Only use one master phrase or keyword per page and focus intently upon it. Have everything else support this. Here’s more on landing pages.

Rule 3. Only 1 H1 tag per page (and other code-ish things)

The Thesis framework for WordPress is my theme of choice because it makes it ridiculously easy to rank well in search engines by automatically ensuring your title is an H1 tag and many other things without making a single line of code.

Rule 4. Have a Unique Title

Put effort and thought into your titles. Those titles are what show up in the search engine rankings. Again the Thesis framework makes this easy by ensuring your post / page title is the automatically populated

Rule 5. Update the Meta Description

Experts debate how important a key-word packed description is. One thing you can’t argue is that search engines show your meta description under your title.

Rule 6. Add an Image

Make sure it’s your image hosted on your site. (Here’s how to upload an image to Craigslist – or anywhere else.) Add an alt title for your image, too.

Rule 7. Use other H tags through out in an nested ordered format

Headline tags follow a numbering system for a reason. Don’t go out of order.

Rule 8. Link to your other internal pages.

See how I have tons of links in this post to other articles I have written? Instead of exhaustively covering each and every topic on a page, I link to prior work I’ve done.

Rule 9. Update with new information.

Your website is a living creature. If it goes stale, search engines may decide the information is no longer valid. Update regularly. A great reason to have a blog with your website. I recommend WordPress

Rule 10. Keep your page clean.

Put exactly what you need on there. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hope that helps! Any questions or comments, let us know below. What else would you put on this list?

Don’t forget that I have a list of great SEO Tutorials here that are designed to help you optimize your website. If you’re looking to go up in the rankings, check them out and let me know what questions you have.

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