Create a YouTube Video When You're Painfully Shy

How to Create a YouTube Video When You’re Painfully Shy

I can’t stand to be on video. Seriously. It drives me nuts. And the worst part of it was that it has been keeping me from adding very helpful content to my website AND has been hurting my SEO marketing & branding efforts by keeping me off of YouTube.

Not having videos to show off particular concepts has seriously impeded my website. I’d bet adding a few videos to your website wouldn’t hurt either. Why stop at describing a product when you can show it? Most people would rather watch than read anyhow, right?

Well, problem solved.

Introducing Stupeflix

Here’s a website that lets you upload a bunch of pictures, slides, whatever and turn it into a video. You can add music and audio. They also have a ton of special effects. Try it out by going to Stupeflix’s website here.

Stupeflix Demo

Well, I suppose a video-making website should have a video explanation. And they do – here you go. (If you are reading this via email, you will have to visit my website for to see the video.)

So there you go! An easy way to create a video and NOT have to BE in it! Perfect! I’m already dreaming up tutorials and vacation slides to put on this thing. What about you? How can videos help your business? What are you going to put out on your YouTube channel?

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