How to Set up a Free Download Offer on Your Website

How to Set up a Free Download Offer on Your Website

One of the best offers a business ever did was the concept of ‘Free Prize Inside!’ I swear I begged, pleaded, and otherwise cajoled my Mom into buying more cereal with prizes promised inside than any other type. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? Do your clients love free things? Then why not put a free download offer on your website?

How to Set up a Free Download Offer on Your Website

1. Create your free resource (pdf, whatever) and upload it to your website. Let’s say the address is

2. Then you would set up your email list subscribing agent. For example, I use Aweber.

3. You would put the sign up form on your website. The text above your sign up form would say something like ‘Sign up here and get your free blah, blah, blah.’

4. Once people enter their name & email address they press submit and off the system goes to do a few things.

5. The system redirects them to a ‘Thanks for subscribing page’. You could put a link to your free resource on this page. However, this is not a best practice.

6. After the person enters their information into the mail agent, the system will generally email them back to confirm that they are subscribed. Once they click the link in that confirmation email, they are added to your list. At that point you could kick off an email drip series with the first email sent to them having a link to the free resource.

Hope that helps.

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