Should I Buy Other Domain Names?

Should I Buy Other Domain Names?

Today’s question comes from a previous web development client of mine. I thought it was appropriate given all of the domain registration ads I’m seeing on TV this week – not to mention that one of your New Year’s resolution might be to reinvigorate your website by purchasing additional domain names.

Would it be helpful to ranking; if i owned domains like “***.cc” or ***.ws” and pointed them to my regular .com website?

Why you should not buy additional domain names

I know this is weird – someone on the internet is telling you NOT to buy something. We may be making internet history here.

I don’t really believe in multiple domain names. The domain name itself is only as good as the traffic flowing to it. If you currently have other domains that you don’t use, we should redirect all of that traffic to your preferred site. There are so many permutations of names out there that you’d go broke trying to buy them all. GoDaddy, etc would be really happy but you wouldn’t be!

The last thing you want to do is to be switching domain names often. I made that mistake twice after building up a good Google reputation on each. Each time I created a new domain name I had to start all over again in Google’s eyes. Forget that! It’s kind of like a restaurant that you like that keeps switching addresses. Eventually people stop even trying to find it.

I think pointing whatever you have to your new place is a really good idea.

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