How to Have a Non-Blog Home Page in WordPress

How to Have a Non-Blog Home Page in WordPress

Yes, WordPress is blogging software. But it’s also a great way to run an entire website. Whether you are looking to add a non-blog homepage to your site or you built on top of an older site and are ready for WordPress to run your entire site but you don’t know how to create a new home page to replace the old one, we have you covered.

First off, Congratulations on the upgrade!

Step 1. Make a Home Page

  • Make a new Page (not post).
  • Call it your home page (or desired SEO equivalent).
  • Be sure to put in the meta / seo stuff in it that you desire.
  • Be sure to copy and paste anything you like from the current home page to that page.
  • Check out the preview a few times until it is how you would like it to be.

Step 2. Make a Blog Page

  • Make a new Page (not post).
  • Call it My Business Blog (or desired SEO equivalent).
  • This is going to let us ‘move’ your blog listings to a separate page and have that ‘static’ front page.
  • Important! Do not put any text on this page other than the name of the page.
  • You can still put in any meta information or plug-in specific information.
  • Make a note of this page’s link after you publish.

Step 3. Log into the WP dashboard.

  • Click on Settings on the left sidebar.
  • Click on Reading
  • Select the Static Option and put the page created in step 1 as the Front Page.
  • Put the page created in step 2 as the Blog page.
  • Doesn’t make sense? (Check out the 2:26 mark of this video 🙂

Congratulations! Now you have a static front page with all the information you had on the gray page inside your WordPress format!

You may still have to add the blog itself and any other links to the header bar or sidebar in order to have a consistent, professional look and feel between the 2 kinds of pages.

If you were blending two sites together, you may have to do another step so that your previous goes to that new static WP home page. There are just too many configuration possibilities that you may have for me to write the eventualities for all of them but it should be straight forward from there.

Hope that helps! Let me know any questions below in the comments.

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