How to Transfer a Domain to Network Solutions

How to Transfer a Domain to Network Solutions

A client of mine is looking to transfer a domain name to his Network Solutions account. Since it’s easier to tell this tale using screen shots, I thought I’d write a post here to help out. If you’re looking for my review of Network Solutions, check out this page.

Network Solutions Web Hosting Review

Step 1: Go to Network Solutions.

Easy enough, click Network Solutions.

Step 2: Select Transfer Domain Name.

You can do this by highlighting the Domain Names sub navigation areal and clicking the Transfer link I’ve circled below.

netsol 1


Step 3: Enter Your Domain Name.

Simple enough. Just enter your domain name here and click the Get Started Button.

netsol 2

Step 4: Double Check the Domain’s Availability

You shouldn’t be trying to transfer a domain unless you have a good idea that it is available and the previous owner will allow it.

Here are Network Solutions’ notes on what makes a successful transfer:

Transferring to Network Solutions from another Domain Name Service Provider
If you are transferring to Network Solutions, check the Administrative Contact email address associated with this domain in the WHOIS record. If the email address shown is not a current, valid email address, then you will not be able to respond and approve the domain transfer. Please visit the current service provider’s web site to update this email address before you submit your transfer request.

An authorization email will be sent to the Administrative Contact listed in the current service provider’s WHOIS, to authorize your transfer request.

Transferring between Network Solutions Accounts
If you are transferring from one Network Solutions account to another, you can help ensure the transfer is successful by verifying that the email address is accurate. An email will be sent to the Primary Contact for authorization of the transfer request.

NOTE: A domain name must be registered for greater than 60 days, be paid in full, and not on lock or hold in order to be transferred.

netsol 3

Step 5: Enter the Access Code and Complete the Transaction

The best practice is to have an access code in hand to be able to complete the transaction. Once you click the continue button in the step above a popup window will appear prompting you to enter it.

That’s all there is to it! Any questions, let me know in the space below.

netsol 4





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