Charlotte Web Development's Best Articles

Charlotte Web Development’s Best Articles

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The following are links to the best series of articles I have written on everything from website design, to getting more traffic and business on your website to hosting and maintenance. They are in no particular order. I would love your feedback and interaction on any of them. Happy Reading!

Why Have a Website

Would You Do Business With a Business that Didn’t Have a Website?
4 Great Reasons to Build a Website Now
Does My Business Need a Website?
The Importance of Website Aesthetics
Where the Fish Are

How Much Should a Website Cost

How much should a Website Design Cost?
Why Not to Hire a College Kid to Build Your Website

Sales From Your Website

How to Find People to Buy Your Stuff
How to Book 73.4% More Sales
10 Ways to Increase Sales 73.4%
How to Increase Sales 73%
How the Other 26.6% Shop
How Website Sales Happen
High Website Traffic == Sales

Website ROI

Better Website ROI
Are Blogs Worth the ROI for Small Business?


Small Business Marketing Calendar for the US
How to Lose Friends and De-Influence Customers
Why the Yellow Pages Hurt Your Business
Pillsbury Dough Boy and Your Brand Identity

Search Engine Optimization

How Do I Drive Traffic to my Website Through Search Engines?
SEO: Basic Tactics You Can Use Today
How to Automatically Tell Search Engines When You’ve Updated Your Website
3 Keys to Google Rankings
Search Engine Ranking Factors
How to Get Organic Search Results
SEO Tools for Products

Building Your Website

How to Develop a Website

My Web Development Process
How to Name Your Website
How to Select Keywords for Your Website
How to Build a Website
4 Steps to Get on the Web Quickly
Website Structure Considerations

How to Design a Website

What Do I Need to Design a Website?
How to Design Your Own Website
How to Design a Web Page

Technology to Use in Your Website Design

Why Do You Use WordPress?
What is an RSS Feed?

WordPress Guides

Getting started with WordPress

Why Do You Use WordPress?
How to Auto Install WordPress

Creating Pages and Posts

The Difference Between WordPress Posts and Pages
How to Make a Post in WordPress
How to Create a new page in WordPress
How to Add Pictures to Your WordPress Page or Post

Editing WordPress Pages

How to Save a WordPress Post to Finish Later
How to Publish a WordPress Post on a Later Date
How to Edit a WordPress Page that you Already Have Made
How to Edit an Excerpt of a Post on a WordPress Page
How to Edit an Embedded YouTube Post in WordPress

What Pages Should I Have on My Website?

What Pages Do I Put on My Website?
Home Page Essentials
All About the About Page
Effective Frequently Asked Questions
What to Put on Your Contact Page
Mapping Your Way to Search Engine Optimization
Other Web Pages to Consider

Common Website Design Errors

Common Website Design Errors
Poor Content and What to Do About it
Website Planning and Organization Errors
5 Navigational Website Design Errors
Aesthetic Website Design Errors
4 Sins of Website Interoperability
Flash Equals Evil Website Design
Technological Website Design Errors
Website Design Advice to a Friend
Measure Twice, Cut Once: A Website Design Lesson From Dad

Web Content

What to Write on Your Website

What to Write on Your Website
What You Should be Writing on Your Business Blog to Add Meaningful, Useful Traffic
How I Built a Killer Website
Common Content Errors And What to Do About Them
6 Elements of Highly Successful Web Articles
6 Topics for Guaranteed Traffic

How to Write Web Articles

My Secret for Generating Tons of Content
How I Got Experts to Write For Free

Images for Your Website

Free Photos for Your Website Design
Free Website Photos
30 Second Picasa Review
Picasa and SEO
How to add pictures to your WordPress Page

Blog Commenting

The Art and Science of Blog Commenting
How to Easily Build More Traffic for Your Website
No Spam Please!
How to Deal with Psycho Commentators
How I Killed the Conversation on my Blog
Use Your Competitors to Build a Better Website

Website Maintenance

Broken Website Link Testing
How to Fix Broken Links with Meta Tag and .htaccess Redirects
What to Do if Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked
The Only Way to Build a Better Business
How to Refresh Your Website’s Google Page Cache
New Blog Best Practices Checklist


Web Hosting
Web Hosting Horror Stories
Network Solutions Review

Domain Name Articles

Domain Registration
Domain Name Speculation
How to Name Your Website
Should you use Private Domain Name Registration?

Legal / Tax Issues and Your Website

What US Legal Structure is best for a website?
Copying the Copyrighted
Can I Quote You?
Are Website Design Costs Tax Deductible for Small Business?

Craigslist And Your Website

How to Post a Picture on Craigslist
How to link your Craigslist Ad to your Website
How to Put a Flickr Image on Craigslist
How to Insert a PDF Doc in a Craigslist Ad
Should Your Business Use Craigslist?
The Only Way to Sell on Craigslist
How Does Craigslist Make Money?


Earn More Money From Your Website

Social Media

Why Social Media is Not a Waste