Web Design Errors

No one wants to lose their website battle. Certainly no one plans a website failure. Errors of this magnitude not only can destroy your on-line presence, they may sink your business.


Imagine your website is a person. How healthy is it? Strong vital signs? Active and vibrant? Here’s how to diagnose & treat your website, the patient


Have you ever seen a website that just made you say ‘Ugh?!’ Wait.. was it yours? Here’s how to fix it!


Technology. It can be a wonderful thing. It makes the lights go on, my beer cold and my coffee hot. It also runs my website, my blog and my business. But there are rules to the tools, my friends. Make nice and play by this list. Part of my Web Design Error series.


“If a website goes live but large numbers of people can’t access it, will anyone on the internet hear it?” This take on website interoperability is part of our Website Design Errors series. And while it might not be as sexy as web design aesthetics, or as motivating as website content, website interoperability is something […]


There are few things more frustrating on the web than not being able to find what you are looking for on a website. Don’t be that website owner.


A good website design will position your business in front of a multitude of contacts in an incredibly positive light. A bad website design….. well, the damage can be extensive. I asked a range of professionals ‘What are the top 5 web design errors you see today?’


Flash is pure, unadulterated evil to your business and it has little to no place in your website design plans. It is evil because it loses your company money. Keep reading to see how and how to fix it.


Marc Broussardplayed The Neighborhood Theatre last night and it was a great show. Friends and I had been talking about the show for 2 weeks and planned a whole day around it. At the last minute we almost didn’t get to see it because of one crappy website and inept management. Neighborhood Theater is off […]