What is Charlotte Website Development?

Charlotte Website Development

What is Website Development?

Total Website Development =
Design +
Marketing +
Continuous Improvement (Management and Maintenance)

We offer a complete and total, end-to-end, development solution for your business’ on-line strategy. Why should you have to contract a graphic artist to design your page, a developer to code it, copywriters to create content, marketing companies to promote it, etc, etc, etc? You have a business to run! Every minute you spend doing that work or explaining how to do it to others takes precious time away from your core strength – running your business! Charlotte Website Development is here to help.

Why our name is ‘Development’, not ‘Design’

We know from statistical research that when a company like yours wants to build their business on-line they call what we do Web Design. We named our company Charlotte Website Development because what we do goes far beyond simple website design. We do what you need done. Period. That is a total solution. That is Charlotte Website Development.

Three Parts to Website Development.

Your business needs three parts to have a successful Internet process. Each one is complementary to the other and each gives you the greatest chance of success.

  1. Website Design. This is far more than pretty pictures. There are real aesthetic, semantic, and performance issues that need attention.
  2. Website Marketing. Your website does not exist in a vacuum. It needs help making audiences aware that it exists. From Search Engine Optimization, to newsletters, to advertisements, to split copy-writing testing, to total marketing integration we can make it happen!
  3. Website Management. Managing means Continuous Improvement. The only constant in business is change. And just like your business, a website is a living, breathing thing that thrives with the right amount of regular attention. Whether it is updating your offerings with the latest seasonal sales, keeping in touch with your clients, or tweaking sales copy to increase your conversion rate of potential customers into paying clients we can help.

We want your business to succeed. We know that if we deliver great results over the long term you are far more likely to be our client again in the future and refer us to your friends. The only way that our company grows is by helping yours to do the same. We are uncommonly committed to this goal. Give us a chance and you will not be disappointed!