Network Solutions Web Hosting Review

Network Solutions Web Hosting Review

A lot of people ask me who I host with. For a long time now most of my websites have been hosted with Network Solutions.

Some people who hear will have an immediate and visceral reaction. People’s feelings on Network Solutions as a domain register and web host are decidedly not mixed. People seem to either love them or hate them. Right now, I think they are a fair solution for the price and I’ll explain why below.

How I Chose Network Solutions

Some of you may have read my hosting horror stories of the past. If not, let’s just say that in the past I’ve gone with the lowest-bargain basement hosts around. You know, in an effort to save a buck or two. $4 a month for hosting, email and a domain? Great! Well, in this case not so great. Those bargain basement hosts have stolen my domains, terminated my website and otherwise made my web site life a pain in the but.

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I chose Network Solutions after getting burned

Anyway, after dealing with several shady low-cost hosts I found Network Solutions through a web developer’s forum and moved some sites there. They were a little more pricey than their competitor’s but they weren’t off the charts. I figured if other web developers spoke well about them – and developers are the biggest bunch of hosting crybabies you’ll ever meet – I thought I’d give them a try. After all, they couldn’t be worse than the cheapo pay-$10-per-month-get-a-web-host chop shops I had been dealing with.

Things I like about them

Network Solutions is an American company subject to American Law. I’ve always found them to be ethical in my dealings. I have no worries that while hosting over 10 domains, many more databases, countless email addresses that they’ll close up shop, sell off my information or prevent me access to services I’ve paid for. The last thing you want as a website owner is to develop this fantastic web site resource for your company only to find that some crooks have locked you out of your own domain.

In Hosting You Get What You Pay For


The old saying is absolutely true. Hosting is a commodity. Like any commodity you can depressed prices at low quality or you can get high quality at high cost. Network Solutions is right in the middle. Again, you get what you pay for.

Domain Registration Costs

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I pay around $35 a year to register each of my domain names. Yes, I could do it cheaper at GoDaddy or one of those off-shore jobs but I prefer to have my domain registered with the same company that does my hosting. If you’ve ever had to do the technical ballet dance of getting domains at one registrar pointed to another host, then you probably still have nightmares about CNAME and ANAME records.

Web Hosting costs

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I pay around $25 / month to host my site. That’s a pretty middle-of-the-road price for hosting my files, databases and serving all of that content out to anyone going to my website. I also have some back up utilities and statistical scripts running as well.

For some people those prices are high. For me, I know I’m getting what I pay for.

What you get with Network Solutions

I’ve already talked about price so let’s talk about the specifics and intangibles.

Customer Service Availability

Your web host / domain registrar is someone you never call until you have a problem. What you don’t want is a company that exacerbates that problem. What I really enjoy with Net Sol is that whenever I’ve needed to do work at any time ofthe night, they’ve been there to answer the phone. Some companies don’t do that. As a bonus, when they answer the phone, I can understand them. They have an administrative staff and an engineering staff. Their engineering staff actually knows what they are talking about. As a web engineer, I can’t tell you how freaking rare and refreshing that is!



Email systems are state of the art with very advanced spam filtering and a great web mail interface with tons of room. It couldn’t be easier to add emails to my domains. I’m not sure how many email addresses per website you get but I’ve never run out.


FTP is simple. Either use their web-based version or easily set up your own ftp user accounts for varied-level access.


They have an excellent1-click WordPress install that has saved me a bunch of time. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to get WordPress running on your Network Solution host in 5 minutes.

What I don’t like about Network Solutions

My complaints, like most other people complaining about web hosts is really a ‘you get what you pay for’ issue. The servers that my sites are on are sometimes slow. That’s because like most affordable web hosts, my files and databases all sit on a shared server. If my sites are the only one on that server getting traffic, I have no problems. If other sites on that server are getting traffic while I am getting traffic, the site slows to a crawl. I have not performed simultaneous geographical host testing to see if my site performs the same way in Charlotte, NC as it does in Charlotte, FL as it does in Perth, Australia.

The easiest way for me to fix this would be to upgrade to a dedicated server like SliceHost. For now my traffic and response requirements do not dictate that I should. Like I said in the beginning, Network Solutions is a fair solution for the price. If you are like me; tired of the shoddy, cheapo $4/month domain hosts stealing your stuff and giving you crap service Network Solutions is for you. If you have a ton of site-crushing traffic, you really need to bite the bullet and invest elsewhere (maybe at slicehost) at $70 and up.