AWeber Newsletter Review

AWeber Newsletter Review

What follows is my Aweber Newsletter Review. Or, better put, how I increase my traffic and profits from my website. My likes (plenty) and dislikes (few) of this on-line newsletter and autoresponder service. I have already covered why you should have an email newsletter for your business. Please read that article first if you are unfamiliar with that business practice and technology.

7 Good things about the Aweber Newsletter service

1. Aweber is the Industry Standard

Everybody who is anybody in the on-line marketing world uses these guys. (You can skip to some choice quotes from some industry heavies below on why they like Aweber.)

2. Easy to use.

I could tell you how easy it is to do – but here’s one of their videos showing how to get an newsletter written,

3. Large Support Staff

There is nothing that drives me more insane than buying something on the web and then discovering there is no way to get help when I need it. Aweber is available by phone, on the web, and every which way. They have a large repository of help items and they regularly schedule free training webinars to help you make the most of their product.

4. Incredibly Professional

While it may sound silly for a web developer to say, the subtle off-line experiences really do make a business. I was impressed by the little touches they put on things. For example, they mailed me a real, physical letter welcoming me. The called me (and reached my voice mail) and left a message asking to make sure everything worked.

5. Their Stuff Works!!!

I like it when the things I buy work as expected. I get very upset when they don’t. Aweber has worked for me, as promised, and started making me sales immediately. You can’t ask for more than that.

6. Easy Integration With my Website

Another thing that is important to me as a technical guy is that it seems to integrate well with other technologies. It’s important to me for all my toys to play well together! Since I use WordPress, I like how easy Aweber integrates with my platforms. Here’s a video showing the ease of integration – no code, just a couple of clicks.

7. Write it Once, Put it Everywhere, Update in One Spot from Anywhere.

Like you, I don’t have a ton of time on my hands. I need to use the little I have very efficiently. Aweber’s ability for me to log in and create an for for people to subscribe to my newsletter quickly and easily is a godsend. My favorite part is that after I put their script live I can change how it works by logging into Aweber and they automatically update my forms for me quickly and easily. No programming. No mess. No searching through thousands of lines of HTML. Just easy goodness!

Give it a test try now – no strings attached.

Aweber hooked me up with a free test drive. Now I’m able to share that with you. Try it out and see if it fits.

Why I Use Aweber for my Newsletter

People do ask why I pay for an email service. They are correct in wondering, I do know a number of other free tools out there. And as a developer I could literally build my own autoresponder. But for one, why would I want to spend my time doing that when it wouldn’t be as nice as what Aweber has. Secondly, there is that whole legality issue. Allow me to explain:

The Most Important Thing for You to Know

All of us get email spam. I hate it. You hate it. Congress heard about this and enacted a bunch of laws making spam illegal. The telecommunication companies heard about it, too, and now shut down anybody even remotely associated with spam. Once someone gets labeled as a Spammer, there’s not much they can do to get rid of it. The problem is that many law-abiding (or law-ignorant) business owners run afoul of this and get their emails blacklisted. Aweber leads the industry in fighting spam and working with ISPS (Internet Service Providers – AOL, Time Warner, Road Runner, Comporium, etc) to make sure (as long as you’re following the rules) you do not get banned either. After all, what good is an email newsletter that doesn’t even make it to your list?

Can You Have More Sales, Too?
Helping over 120,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.

Take a Free Test Drive today!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Here’s why a few other industry heavyweights use Aweber to power their incredible businesses.

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

My blog newsletter is handle by Aweber. Their interface is all browser based and can be used from any computer. With Aweber, I can quickly create sign up forms and auto responders. Every money making blog needs a mailing list and Aweber is by far the best in the business. My list is the main reason the blog makes the income that it does. If your blog doesn’t have a list, get one now!

Aweber offers a $1 trial account for all new customers. The account is just like a normal Aweber account and includes unlimited email campaigns, newsletter, broadcasts and follow ups. It’s a great way to test drive Aweber to see what it can do for your blog. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you find that email marketing is not for you, contact Aweber within 30 days and they’ll give you the $1 back.

– John Chow How I run My On-Line Business From a Web Browser

If you have a blog or business of any kind, you need a good third-party email service. Once your list grows more than a couple hundred people, your messages simply won’t get through if you’re trying to send them on your own.

Feedburner allows bloggers to send free broadcasts of their posts, but you have no control over the messages. With the Aweber service, I can write to everyone at any time, in whatever format I choose. I can also segment lists, create separate lists for each product, and so on.

– Chris Using Email to Build Your Community

The reason why I first decided I needed an autoresponder was two fold:

  1. As I educated myself in online business I realized that I needed to build lists of my customers and prospective customers so I could keep in touch and soft-sell my services. Thinking long term, if I wanted to sell my business my customer list would be one of my most valuable assets, so I needed to be collecting the email addresses of my target market from day one.
  2. My student essay editing business, BetterEdit, was running with a rudimentary text-to-email contact form which I was manually printing to keep contact records. This was not an efficient manner to control my client files and it made it very difficult to email all my clients at once.

– Yaro Starak Aweber Email Autoresponder Review

Wrap Up

Come see it in action on my site and see if it’s right for you. Speaking of email, are you on the Charlotte Web Development list? There are a lot of strategies I share you can implement yourself to help your business online. And there’s the Free Beer! (OK, I lied about the beer. At least you get the web strategies, and it’s free!)