Domain Registration

Domain Registration is how you sign up and own a domain – a website name. Without going into full-on geek speak of how the internet works, Domain Registration is the process of getting your address on the web much like you get for your house or business in the real, physical world. They are responsible for telling every server in the world that all traffic sent to your address should go to where you tell it to.

Ex. 123 Main St., Anytown, USA 12345 is roughly equivilent to

Domain Registrar

The company registering your domain is called a Domain Registrar. They’re the company you pay to provide you with that address. They may or may not be the people you pay to host your website.

What a Domain Registrar Does

  • Registers your domain
  • Makes sure your address points to the right place (ie where your web site files live)
  • Sets up your email

Different from a Web Host

While you may register your domain and host your website with the same company, they can be different. Domain registration is a lot like a street address. Web hosting is more like the lot that your house is built on. No matter which way you number your house, no matter how many times the town changes your street address, that lot is there holding your house and all of your stuff!