It seems that several of the Charlotte Web Development newsletter readers have New Year’s resolutions to increase the SEO of their websites. In this article I will cover some basic rules that make this very easy to do. You do not necessarily need to use the tools that I do but they sure do make life easier.


One of the best tactics you can follow to improve your rankings is to get as many links back to your website as possible. And there is no better way than free, right?


Last week I wrote an article on general search engine optimization strategy and then another on tactics you could employ right now. Today I am going to talk about one specific tactic you can use immediately – configuring your website to automatically let Google, etc know when you’ve updated your website.


I’ve created a general list of tactics you can employ to improve your website’s standing in Google and other search engines. Do not ignore the overall strategy of developing a great website. If all you do is accomplish these tasks you have done little more than busywork. Each of these tasks are part of a larger symphony of developing your small business website into a powerhouse!


What’s the point of having a website if no one is around to read it? In this article we’ll step through some of the basics of driving traffic through search engines, explore the foundations of how search engines work, and discuss strategies both to employ and avoid.


I was recently asked about what kind of SEO tools exist for products. The best tools are the easiest tools.


I needed to learn how to force a Google Page Cache refresh after my site had a hack last month. Here’s what I learned.


The first step in SEO is to forget about SEO. Sound counter-intuitive? That’s right. Here’s why.


Having traveled far and wide of late, I wanted to share my pictures with my friends. Being a web developer always looking for the SEO edge, I thought to myself, how can I best share these images and the world at large. I decided on Picasa for ease of use (check my 30 second Picasa review here.) Since images are key to your site both from a user experience and an SEO perspective, I thought I should share some of my considerations.


A few weeks ago CivicSEO left a comment on my How to Fix Broken Links post. I always appreciate comments and to show my appreciation I enable commentors to leave a link to their site. CivicSEO’s comment was doubly appreciated for the silent lesson he taught me!