How to Change Header Navigation in Thesis

How to Change Header Navigation in Thesis

You can manipulate the header links by going to “Thesis Options”->Thesis Options on the left nav. Then, inside of the screen, on the right hand side there is a section for Navigation Menu.

If you expand the first option “Select Pages to Include in the nav menu” you’ll see all of your available pages. You can check them if you want them on the header or un-check them if you don’t. Additionally, you can drag and drop them to change the order or click on them to change the wording. To save the changes, just click the big green Save button at the bottom of the page!

Set Thesis Navigation

First, select Thesis Navigation.

Secondly, add the pages you would like. You can drag and drop the pages to the order you’d like them to appear. You can also change the name of the buttons here, too. Remember to click the big green save button once you are set.

Be sure not to check the home page in this list!

A Note About the Home Page Link

If you are going to put a link to the home page in the header navigation, don’t check the page in the previous step. Instead, go a little further down the page and make your edits here: