How to get Started With Thesis

How to get Started Configuring Thesis

The Thesis theme by DIYThemes is a wonderful tool for your website. It has tons of great features that let you do just about anything you want to with your WordPress website. Here are a few steps to take after you’ve activated the theme.

Set up WordPress

If you haven’t installed WordPress yet, here’s a guide to help you do so.

You will also have to set up WordPress with a few pages and settings already. If you have not yet done this, go to my tutorial on basic WordPress configuration.

Install Thesis

Activate Thesis

After activation you will be brought to the Thesis Site Options Page.

Set Thesis Navigation

Follow the details of setting the header navigation here in my Thesis Header Navigation Tutorial.


Install Thesis Hook Plugin

Search for it like so.

Then install it.

Now that it’s installed, activate it.

After you activate Open Hook, go to Appearance on the left hand side of your administration console and select the Thesis Open Hook page.

If you have the appropriate license, remove the Thesis attribution by selecting the Footer hook, de-selecting the checkbox I have indicated. You may put whatever attribution you wish. If you’re reading this, I would really appreciate a link back to this website!

Just copy this code and place it inside:


<a href=">Charlotte Web Development</a>

Now that you have the basics of Thesis started, you can go on to styling it the way you’d like.