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10 Reasons to Host your Website with Charlotte Web Development

(Or, What Do You Get With our Web Hosting Package)?

  1. Your Time Back!
  2. Why should you deal with hosting when you have a business to run?

  3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
  4. I stand behind my work 100%. Don’t like it and I’ll help you move to a different host immediately.

  5. Tons of Space!
  6. Need more than the average bear? Call me!

  7. A Business e-Mail address with 1Gig of Storage!
  8. Convey a more professional image with your own email address:

  9. Web Mail!
  10. Access your email from the convenience of any web browser through a state of the art system!

  11. Personal Support Setting Up Outlook, Thunderbird, etc!
  12. This can be a pain in the but. POP3, IPOP, who cares? We can help.

  13. Local Support
  14. An accessible tech guy to answer your questions!

  15. Better Web Design Service
  16. I can better serve your needs if I am your web host.

  17. Privacy.
  18. Registering on your own opens your name and info to marketers. Why not let us deal with that?

  19. An FTP Account
  20. If you need/want one, we’ll set it up for you.

All of this for less than your pay for cable each month!

What You Won’t Get

(Hint: You don’t want these!)

  1. Headaches!
  2. Long tech support phone calls! We do the set up, handle the issues, everything. Send us an email, text message, or leave a voicemail.
  3. People trying to steal your website name.
  4. Unscrupulous companies holding your data.
  5. Annoying up-sells, cross pitches!
  6. Absentee webmasters retaining rights to your website!

When people think of a successful website, they imagine great design, incredible functionality and superb content. I never think of the silent superhero supporting it all, the web host. To tell the truth, as a web developer, I only ever think about design, functionality, and content because I have a great web host. They shield me from any and all hosting problems.

Need Web Hosting?

I have been running websites since 1996. I have tried every host under the sun and I know which ones work, which ones are rip-offs, and how to talk to them to get what you need done. I know how to select the best hosting package for your needs so you get the coverage you want and not pay for stuff you don’t need.

Services and Practices

Choose / Register Domain Name – $150

Choosing a good domain name is absolutely essential and we have years of experience doing so. We do research with hard numbers as well as person-to-person testing to find the best domain names for you. After presenting you with several choices complete with data to back it up, we will handle all of the purchasing details for you. All you need to do is tell us about your company, about your clients, and we’ll do the rest.

Domain Name Transfer – $100

Already have a domain name? Great! Need to transfer it to a new host? We can do that. Free with a 12 month agreement on a hosting package.

Web Hosting – $55 / month

We will host your website for less than what you pay in cable at home. We will handle all of the nitty gritty details of worrying about server up time, domain pointers, etc so you can concentrate on your business. Don’t know what kind of a hosting system you need? Not to worry, we’ve got that covered, too. Just tell us about your website and we can do that for you. 12 month minimum agreement. Free email account set up!

Transfer Website to New Host – $150 and up

Transferring a website can be a complete pain in the ass. One minute your site is up and working fine, the next everything is a shambles. You don’t want that. We can help. Please contact us for a quote based on the complexity of your site.