Website Structure Considerations

There is more to creating a website than the aesthetics. Website design is much more than just pretty pictures and a streamlined look. The architecture and structure of the site provide the framework and foundation that your business’ website needs to grow and perform.

Your website has a purpose; to make a sale, to provide information, to be useful to its viewers. The correct structure will facilitate all of this and more. When selecting a website designer, make certain that they will account for the following:

  1. Content Flow and Layout – Will the site’s organization of information make sense to the user?
  2. Search Engine Optimization -Will the site be able to be found in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, and others?
  3. Systems Integration – Your website is likely one part of an overall marketing effort. You must make certain all parts are interoperable and complimentary.
  4. Coding Standards– People use the information on the web in many different ways. Make sure your site is coded to the latest standards to ensure you are not losing an audience.
  5. Usability – Your site is being built with a purpose, make sure that purpose is being met. Relentlessly test, research and optimize your website to make sure that people can use it!
  6. Sustainable and Scalable solutions – Your website is an investment that you do not want to become obsolete. Be sure that its foundation is flexible enough to grow with your business. Whether that is adding new content regularly or changing what you have for the given season, make sure that is easy.
  7. Platform – Should your website be hosted on a Unix or Windows platform? Does it matter? What kind of hosting do you really need?

When all you have is a Hammer

These are just a few of the decisions that must be made by someone with experience. Too many website designers are locked in to one kind of solution because of their limited skill set. When all a designer has is a hammer, every website is just another nail. Be sure your designer will use the correct tools for the job.

Charlotte Website Development has the necessary experience to select the correct technologies for your project and the vision to build a lasting, productive solution. Let us show you how!