The Difference Between WordPress Posts and Pages

The Difference Between WordPress Posts and Pages

Page, posts, and feeds, oh my! Yes, there are a lot of terms in the world of WordPress web design and publishing. Chances are your business has a lot of very specific terminology, too. Not to worry. WordPress lingo is easy to pick up and once you learn a few simple distinctions, you will be off and running in no time!

Easy Button

The simplest answer is that both refer to kinds of web pages. WordPress posts are web pages that are part of a blog and WordPress pages are for everything else!

Greater Detail

As you know, WordPress is a Content Management System that allows you to have a website with blogs, content, and all sorts of related goodness.

WordPress Pages allow you to manage non-blog content easily. For example, I have a static page that I try to encourage readers to sign up for my free email newsletter – really, you should sign up!

I want this page to exist all the time since I will reference it often. To do this, I created a WordPress page. That page has a link that looks like this:

WordPress Posts are blogging entries shown in reverse-chronological order. You type a blog entry in, it shows up on the web. When you write another one, that one shows up ahead of the earlier one.

Why you should differentiate posts and pages

Since blogging is so easy, people wonder why you should bother with pages anymore. Blogs are hooked up to RSS feeds that can be syndicated around the world. Blogs are hip, now. Blogs are easy.

That’s exactly why you want pages in addition to blog posts.

Think of the difference between an encyclopedia and a newspaper. The newspaper has the news of the day – like a blog post does. The encyclopedia has information that has a bit more staying power – like a page.

Got it?

This page is intended as an evolving resource for anyone who needs a little help getting used to WordPress. If you feel an answer could be better explained or you have additional questions, just ask me here.